TIMING is an up-to-date industrial company, constantly oriented to the new technologies and able to provide the cutting system for companies manufacturing apparel, technical fabric and composites. 

Founded in 2012, in short time TIMING became a leader in cutting machines in China market. Thanks to the co-owner of TIMING, Mr. Liu, an engineer who is specializing in the development of motion control systems since 2004. In 2012, TIMING introduced and developed the its own patent cutting systems. 

TIMING can offer a complete suite of cutting solutions, always evolving, in order to increase efficiency and productivity, timely responding to the market changes and the new needs and requests. 

Nowadays, the main products now we are manufacturing includes fabric automatic cutting machines, spreading machines, oscillation knife cutting machines, laser cutting machines and etc. With more than 50 employees, 1500 square meters workshop, TIMING factory with auto cutter production capacity at 100 sets monthly. 

TMCC series cutter is an attractive solution for businesses of various production volume, where the manufacturing process requires cutting of various amounts of layers and vagarious types of materials. 

Structure and design of TIMING cutters are the result of an analysis of the market and needs of customers. The work of designers is based on experience, acquired knowledge and innovative ideas. Thanks to cooperation with the renowned suppliers, the applied components and patented solutions guarantee high quality of operation of the device, they increase efficiency of the cutting room and provide accurate cutting of materials, thus speeding up the production process. 

Working on a variety of projects for customers like cloth factory, furniture factory, bag and luggage manufacturer, we support our clients from the pr-sales consultant, machine installation and commissioning, operators training, after-sales technical support and free software upgrade onwards throughout the life of the machine. 

We have been involved in a number of high profile cutting projects over the past 48 months including the China market and oversea market in Italy ,Turkey, Argentina ,Vietnam, Costa rica ,Uganda , Ukraine,Czech Republic,Ecuador,Australia,Sri Lanka etc and etc. 

TIMING not only supplies machines, but it is the best technological partner, helping the customer to solve the cutting and spreading problem in production. Able to install all over the world more than 350 units among cutting machine, spreading machines and etc. 

TIMING can guarantee to customers a very high quality level after sales service. An expert and internal R&D can valuate customized projects, according to the single and unique requests, the well organized and specialized manufacturing can produce and test all the equipment in a very short lead-time. 


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