Automatic Edge Tracking Cutting Machine

√ Automatic edge tracking, No drawing, Automatic contour generation.

√ HD SLR camera automatic edge tracking, automatic feeding.

√ No deformation, no burr , more natural, greatly enhance the brand image

√ High speed, high precision cutting, and high cutting efficiency

• 1 machine =10 manual work, traditional cutting, complex process, high labor costs.

• Optional double beam asynchronous cutting, single beam cutting.

• Automatic edge tracking, No drawing, Automatic contour generation.

• Precise cutting, the cutting accuracy of 1mm or less.

• Automatic feeding, can save feeding time and labor costs.

• The feature points are positioned and cut according to the model.

• Precision cutting without hair brim, the cutting brim strength could increase 40 times.


Laser power


Working voltage

AC220V~240V, 50/60Hz

Cutting speed


Whole power

< 3.2KW

Format supported


Cooling mode

Water-cooling and protection system

Operating temperature


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