Automatic Single-ply Cutting Machine

√ Dual cutting heads fit different cutting tools for different applications

√ The vacuum pump inside , reducing sound levels,fixing the materials for 

   more accurate cutting

√ Round knife

   ---- Fast and efficient

   Widely use in cloth and PU cutting with relatively large patterns

√ Oscillating cutting tool----Smooth and accurate

    For complicate pattern and thick materials

•  Application :  Sign & Graphic, Packaging, Automotive, Furniture, Composites, Gasket, Textile, etc.

•  TM digital flatbed cutting system supply the best solution to make sampling and short-run production in variety of industries,which equipped with variety of knives 

   and pens, meets different materials' cutting.

   It can realize high speed, high precision full cutting, half cutting and punching.



 (fixed   model)


(auto feeding)

Cutting size (mm)
   Length x Width

2500* 1600



Machine dimension (mm)



Vacuum pump working   voltage\ frequency


Working voltage\ frequency


Air pressure, flow

0.55Mpa 100L/min

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